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Quilting for Charity

My mother began quilting with her church group after my sister and I left for college.  They used donated fabric, tied the quilts, and shipped them world-wide through Lutheran World Relief. Mom sewed a quilt or two a week for over 30 years.  When I asked her how many quilts she had sewn, she said, “Oh, I quit counting at 1,000.”  After I closed my mouth and did the math, I realized that her total was probably over 2,000!

Through Mom’s example, I’ve learned that donating quilts is a very tangible way of showing that you care.  I donate quilts to the North Central Indiana Crisis Center, a shelter that serves women and children affected by domestic violence and sexual assault.   Women and children of all ages arrive at the Crisis Center with little more than the clothes they are wearing.

If you want to donate:

If you would like to reduce an overflowing scrap basket for a good cause, you can piece tops, from baby quilts to twin size.  When you give me a pieced top and a backing, I will provide batting and do the quilting and binding at no charge to you.  Finished quilts are taken to the Sheriff’s Department, and an officer then delivers the quilts to the shelter.

Patterns can be simple (Four Patch, Disappearing Nine Patch, Brick Walk, etc.) and the colors as scrappy as you like.  Backs may be pieced from different fabrics (for example, a length of red fabric sewn between a split piece of navy blue) if you have odd bits of yardage to use up.

There are no “quilt police” at the shelter, only people grateful for warmth and a sign that someone cares.    See the pictures below for ideas.  Please contact me if you have any questions!


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