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I’m sorry, but at this time
I am not taking new clients.
The following local quilt shops
may be able to help you:

Cotton Cottage Quilts, in Valparaiso, IN
Joan’s Flat Folds, in Valparaiso, IN
Sew Fun Fabrics, in Chesterton, IN

I will be happy to give you an initial estimate.  However, sometimes quilt tops have unexpected problems that are not obvious until after I begin the work. If there are problems, I will discuss them with you. The final total will be calculated when the quilt is finished.

Of course, every quilt is unique, so prices will vary based on the exact size of the quilt, and the details of the work. Please contact me at or by phone at 219-464-3615 to discuss your particular needs.

Price Ranges for Quilting:

1. Meandering/Stippling, edge to edge:  $.01-.013/sq. inch

2. Custom/Meandering Combo (includes T-Shirt Quilts): $.013-.015/sq. inch

3. Patterned Free Motion, edge to edge:  $.015-.02/sq. inch

4. Pantographs, edge to edge:   $.015-.02/sq. inch

5. Patterned Free Motion, separate border pattern:  $.02-.025/sq. inch

6. Custom Quilting (using templates, etc.): $.025-.05/sq. inch

7. Heirloom Quilting: $.05-.10/sq. inch

(See my Photo Gallery: Samples of Quilting Styles for each)


I accept cash or checks. Deposits are welcome but not required.

Referral Program – Get 10% Off!

Receive 10% off the price of quilting on your next project when a friend you referred becomes a new customer. (Just have your friend mention your name.)

Rewards Program

For every fifth quilt, receive a 20% discount on the labor.