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The following local quilt shops
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Cotton Cottage Quilts, in Valparaiso, IN
Joan’s Flat Folds, in Valparaiso, IN
Sew Fun Fabrics, in Chesterton, IN


I look forward to helping you turn your pieced tops into beautiful finished quilts, wall hangings, table runners and other projects.  My quilting is hand-guided (not computer controlled), using my stitch-regulated Gammill Classic Plus and Juki TL 98Q.  All sewing is done in my smoke-free and pet-free studio.

Quilting ranges from meandering to full custom work on tops that you have pieced.  Please see descriptions of the different levels of quilting on the Examples of Quilting Styles page.

I enjoy creating custom memory and T-shirt quilts. Just bring me your bags of shirts, and I will create a quilt for you from start to finish!  If you prefer to sew your own T-shirt top, I would be happy to quilt it for you.

If you wish, I will attach and hand- or machine-finish your binding and hanging sleeves.  I can also attach a “half binding,” leaving it for you to hand-finish.

Preparing Your Quilt Top

Your careful preparation will help determine the look of the finished quit.  For a printable version of these instructions, click here: Preparing Your Quilt Top

1. Quilt top: Stay-stitch 1/8” from edges of pieced borders to stabilize seams.  (Do not stay-stitch plain borders.)

Opposite sides should be the same length.  If you have pieced-in puckers or wavy borders, I will ease them in as much as possible.

Carefully press front and back of the quilt top, and clip all loose threads.  Dark seam allowances or stray threads can show through a light top.

Do not baste or pin layers together.  Fold the top and back loosely to avoid creases.  If piecing is directional, safety-pin a note at the top.

2. Backing: Use 100% cotton fabric for the backing — not polyester fabric or sheets.  Trim off selvages on edges that will be joined, because the tighter weave may shrink differently when washed.  Stitch ½” seams and press. Leave selvages on the outer edges of the back for stability.

If you pre-washed the fabric for the top, then wash the backing, also. Backing and batting should be 6”-8” wider than the quilt top (3” – 4” on each side).  Seams should run parallel to the long side of the quilt, if possible.

3. Batting: I have four different types of Hobbs Heirloom batting in stock, or you may bring your own.  If you provide batting, cut the ends square, and the same size as the backing.

4. Binding: If you wish, I can make, sew on and finish your binding for you, or I can apply it for you to hand-finish.

If you make binding for me to apply, cut it 2 ¼”-2 ½” wide, piece ends diagonally, and press it in half lengthwise.  Make enough to go around the quilt, plus an extra 12” for corners and finishing.

5. Thread: I use primarily Permacore, Superior’s Omni, and Signature threads, available in many colors.  I will supply specialty threads (high gloss, variegated, etc.) at cost.

Thread color used on top will normally be used in the bobbin.  (I do not recommend a strong contrast between top and bobbin color. as it may show on the top.)

Many thread choices!