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Samples of Quilting Styles – Photos

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1. Meandering/Stippling: Simple stitching which may include large or small loops, a few flowers, leaves, stars or other details.  (See the fish and pine trees in the third picture.)  Includes wavy diagonal or horizontal/vertical grid.

Simple Meandering

Loopy meandering

Free Motion - Fish and Pine Trees

2012 - Night Time detail - Meandering with stars

Wavy Grid


2. Custom/Meandering Combo: A combination of simple meandering with some custom work to emphasize certain designs or fussy-cut blocks.  (Look for the quilted monkeys in the first picture!)  Used on T-Shirt quilts to set off the pictures and logos, while keeping the background simple.

Custom/Meander Combo - Look for the monkeys in the quilting!

T-Shirt Quilt for Jennifer - Detail


3. Patterned Free Motion, Edge to Edge: Patterns with flowers, leaves, stars, ribbon curls, Christmas holly, etc., stitched freely over the whole quilt.

Christmas Holly Leaves

Feathers and Ribbon Curls


4. Pantographs, Edge to Edge: A consistent, repeated pattern (floral, leaves, geometric, etc.) done by following a printed pattern with a laser light.

Pantograph sample


5. Patterned Free Motion in Center, with Separate Borders: A combination of free-motion and custom quilting, taking some of the piecing into consideration.

Sample - Free Motion Floral

Separate Borders


6. Custom Quilting: Special techniques including stitch in the ditch, outlining, cross-hatching, clam shells and special designs selected for your quilt.  This may include multiple thread color changes. Custom Quilting is more time-consuming than other options but gives beautiful results.

Custom Clamshells

Complete Custom Quilting


7. Heirloom Quilting: Time-intensive quilting for very special quilts.

"Mommy and Me" by Cheryl Bagnall, for Riley Childrens' Hospital

"Mommy and Me" by Cheryl B. - Detail

"Mommy and Me" by Cheryl B. - Detail

"Mommy and Me" by Cheryl B. - Detail